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Protect your batteries with a battery isolator!

Protect your batteries with a battery isolator!

If a fully charged battery is connected directly parallel with a discharged or empty battery, the voltage pressure in the full battery will force its current into the empty battery until the current stored in both batteries reaches a common level. The discharged battery will always rob power from a charged battery. So, no matter how many batteries you have on your vehicle, the accessories connected to one will draw power from the other batteries in the circuit. This is the problem of multi-battery drain. And if it's allowed to continue unchecked, it can leave you stuck with dead batteries and an engine that won't start...all when you least expect it.

Sure Power Battery Isolator
Accessories connected to battery #2 rob power from battery #1

To eliminate the multi-battery drain problem, a Sure Power Isolator acts as a check valve between the batteries, preventing current from flowing from one battery to another. Each battery is isolated and acts as an independent power source. So no matter how drained your accessory batteries become, they will never drain power from the battery you're depending on to start your engine.

Sure Power Battery Isolator
The battery isolator prevents battery #2 from robbing power from battery #1 while allowing the alternator to charge both batteries

  • Use for up to 200 AMP alternator
  • For 12-36 VDC negative ground electrical systems
  • Designed to exceed OEM specifications
  • Solid state electronics
  • Isolates each battery circuit to allow each battery to discharge and charge according to its own requirements
  • Wiring diagram supplied with each unit
  • -40C - 121C ambient operating temperature
  • One #10 stud terminal and Three 5/16" stud terminals

    SM-48162-battery-isolatorRetail: $249.95Sale Price: $199.95 (You save: 20%)

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