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24 Volt 4 Amp Battery Charger Maintainer Desulfator Conditioner

Don't just charge your batteries Condition them!

This is a 3-stage constant current/voltage charger/maintainer/conditioner that extends performance and life of all types/sizes/brands of lead acid batteries. These include maintenance-free, marine, deep cycle, sealed, gel, and all popular brands of AGM dry-type, valve-regulated batteries, such as Interstate, Concord, Exide, Optima and Odyssey. Push button selector for AGM, Gel batteries and maintenance type ensure exact compliance with all battery manufacturers specifications.

Automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulfation using safe, patented high-frequency pulse technology1. Guaranteed to increase your battery's life and performance, or you get 100% of your money back within 1-year.

1 Sulfation is the #1 cause of early battery failure and loss of performance as determined by the Battery Council International, Dec. 1998.


  • Safely charges-maintains-conditions all size/type/brands of starter, deep cycle, maintenance-type, maintenance-free, sealed, gelled, AGM or dry-type batteries.
  • Charges and maintains from 1 to 6 batteries at a time (12 Volt batteries [parallel-connected] or 6 Volt batteries [series-connected]) for less than 15¢ per month.
  • Full-Time Desulfation-automatically dissolves harmful sulphate when either in charge or maintenance modes, using safe U.S. Patented pulse technology.
  • Guaranteed to never overcharge any battery, regardless of how long connected.
  • No need to add water to maintenance-type batteries during long, non-use storage.
  • Isolation transformer and smart chip technology ensure safe, long-term performance.
  • Waterproof, ensures trouble-free life even in high-moisture marine environments.
  • Tests battery(s) for sulfation before and after conditioning charging.
  • Onboard or portable bench top use unit can be permanently mounted in engine compartment or used as a portable.
  • Allows battery to be stored safely at 0°F to +120°F.
  • Unit comes complete with Qwick connect/disconnect battery clips, a ring terminal assembly for permanent connection, both with replaceable fuses. Optional cigarette lighter adapter (12 volt) allows charging-desulphating through cigarette lighter receptacle or 12-volt power outlet.
  • Full year 100% money-back guarantee takes the risk out of trying this great product.
  • Five (5) year warranty covers everything except physical abuse.

General Specifications

Input 105-130 Vac 50/60 Hz
Output 24 volts @ 4 Amps
Charge Voltage 28.8 Vdc
Float Voltage 26.8 Volts
Desulfation Pulse 4A @ 3.26 MHz
Float Current 5 mA - 1Amp2
Size/Weight 5.5" L x 5.5" W x 2.25" H / 3 lbs.

24 Volt 4 Amp Battery Charger Maintainer Desulfator Conditioner
BM-24041-24-volt-battery-charger-conditionerRetail: $179.95Sale Price: $147.95 (You save: 18%)

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