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24 Volt Battery Saver Auto Disconnect Switch

Auto detects low voltage and automatically disconnects the battery.

The PriorityStart! operates only when accidental deep discharge of vehicle [auto] or marine batteries are taking place, thus providing automatic starting assurance for safety, cost savings, security, and convenience.

PriorityStart! monitors battery voltage and automatically disconnects any undesired drain on your battery as the voltage reduces, when the engine is not running. It is a batter disconnect switch. The disconnect threshold is factory set at 23.5 volts.

Just step on the brake pedal, operate the headlight switch, or any other electrical accessory and it automatically reconnects. It is very simple to remember! It is a fully automatic engine starting protection for your car or boat! When it comes to your battery starting is the priority! Maximizes your Battery Life!

PriorityStart! maximizes battery life preventing electrical damage. Saves money, time, and exposure to dangerous situations. Can also be utilized on vehicles with an electrical short.

Designed for just about all 24 volt configurations. Unit can only be used with Class 1-6 vehicles with a maximum of 1,000 peak starting amps; rated at 250 continous amps.

12 Volt Battery Saver Auto Disconnect Switch

24 Volt Battery Saver Auto Disconnect Switch
PSI-24V-PROMAX-battery-saver-auto-disconnect-switchRetail: $149.95Sale Price: $124.95 (You save: 17%)

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