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24V Seat Heater / Heated Seats Kit

If you have always wanted to add factory like heated seats to your tractor, or heavy equipment, then this Heated Seat kit is the ideal kit and the ideal solution. This seat heater kit operates on 24 Volt DC.

Carbon Fiber technology is the best seat heating pad material in the marketplace.

Carbon Fiber thread is pliable and a good conductor of electricity which can be designed to incorporate a variety of shapes which are interconnected and form a grid which can be sewn over. Carbon Fiber will not corrode, become weak or break like copper heating elements.

Ultra-thin carbon fibers mean no bulky and uncomfortable wires. Other than the soothing warmth there's nothing to make the driver or passenger think their seats are out of the ordinary!

This kit will install in any seat with a 24 volt electrical system. This kit is for a single seat's back & bottom. This 2 pad kit is designed to install between your seat upholstery (Leather, Vinyl or Cloth) and the padding underneath. Installation may require removal and re-installation of seat and seat covers, as well as basic knowledge of the vehicle's wiring.


  • Illuminated 2-Color Switch
      24V Deluxe Heated Seat Kits are equipped with the latest Switch Technology. This Illuminated 2-Color Dual Temperature High/Off/Low Rocker Style Round Switch has been developed to provide you with the latest switch technology.
  • New Dual Temperature Control System
      An electronic thermostat (built into each pad) regulates the electricity / temperature circulating within the carbon fiber seat heating pad. This system regulates the flow of power and maintains a narrower temperature range whether in a high or low setting. Example: The high setting will have a constant range between 120°F to 125°F. The low setting ranges between 110°F to 115°F. These respective temperatures are maintained at these respective levels.
  • Backrest & Seat Bottom Heating Pads
      Back = 11" x 9"  Bottom = 11" x 9"
      These pads have been designed to these dimensions to enable a universal fit in any style seat. Pads are approximately 1/32" thick. Either pad can be installed in back or bottom.
  • Quick Connect / Disconnect Flexible System
      Our 24V seat heaters are equipped with quick-release connectors and everything plugs into other.
  • Quick Heat Up Time
      You should start to notice the effect of heat within the first 2 minutes of starting the system in the High temperature setting.
  • Electrical Specs
      Wattage: 36 Watts per Pad, 72 Watts per seat
      Current Draw: 1 Amps on Low Heat Setting and 1.5 Amps on High Setting per Seat.
    PACKAGE CONTENTS (for 1 seat)

  • 1 Carbon Fiber Backrest Pad 11"x9"
  • 1 Carbon Fiber Bottom Pad 11"x9"
  • Pads are approximately 1/32" Thick
  • Each Pad has double stick tape to hold pad while re-installing the seat cover
  • 1 pre-wired Dual Temp High/Low (off in the center position) Bi-Color Illuminated 13/16 (21mm) Round Switch

  • 24 Volt Seat Heater Kit
    2 Wire Installation (Red to +24 Volts & Black to Ground) Everything plugs into each other.
    Switch is pre-soldered.

    24 Volt Seat Heater / Heated Seats Kit
    24v-volt-seat-heater---heated-seats-kitRetail: $169.95Sale Price: $74.95 (You save: 56%)

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