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DC to DC Converter 80 Volt Input 30 Amp

Heavy duty DC to DC converters have an extended input range. Servicemate DC-DC Converter 80v Input 30 Amp

Heavy Duty High Voltage DC to DC Converter with built-In Spike Filter

Allows operation from 24-80V nominal systems to provide a regulated 13.8 VDC Output

For operating standard 12 VDC equipment (lights, radios, cellular and tablet chargers, computers) from non-standard electrical systems

Common features of all SMHV112-30 Models:
- Weather proof
- Vibration resistant
- Switched Voltage Regulation
- High efficiency
- Short circuit protected
- Thermal protected
- Soft start (for starting inductive loads)
- Reverse voltage protection
- Input and Output filtering
- Two year limited warranty
- Assembled in the USA

Features for this model include:
- Heavy Duty DC to DC converter
- Input Voltage Range: 22-100 VDC
- Input Current: 100-200mA (no load); 6.2A (100V)-22.8A (22V) (full load)
- Output Voltage: 13.5-13.9 Volt
- Output Current (full load): 30.0-32.0A
- Load Regulation (0.5-30A): 0.03-0.35 VDC

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

80 Volt Input 30 Amp DC to DC Converter with built-In Spike Filter
SMHV112-30Retail: $549.95Sale Price: $485.00 (You save: 12%)

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