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4 Front / 4 Rear Parking Sensor Kit with Front & Rear Display

8 sensor system, complete front and rear protection

The 8 sensor system includes 4 sensors for the front of the vehicle that are designed to aid when pulling into or out of tight spaces.

While in reverse, the two center sensors remain off and the two outside sensors monitor the corners of the vehicle so that when the vehicle is turning into or out of a space, the driver knows how much room they have between the vehicle and any obstruction. While pulling forward, the two outside sensors operate the same as during reversing, while the two center sensors begin alerting the driver when the vehicle is pulled within 3 feet of an obstruction. This allows the vehicle to be pulled as far as possible into a parking space without contacting the vehicle, wall, light pole, etc. which may be straight ahead. The specially tuned 3' range of the front sensors provides excellent protection while parking, without distracting beeps that would occur while driving if the range was any longer.

Dashboard or rearview mirror mount display

The slim size of the display allows multiple mounting options, including attachment to the rearview mirror. Note: The rearview mirror of some vehicles may not be suitable due to buttons, etc. which may be built into the mirror.

Rear roof mount display

This display is designed to be mounted upside down to the rear headliner area of the vehicle, next to the top of the back window. The display can also be mounted on the rear parcel shelf or third brake light. The display housing can be color matched to the vehicles interior. 4 Front / 4 Rear Parking Sensor Kit with Front & Rear Display

2 control units designed for luxury vehicles

The Front and Rear sensor system is equipped with two separate displays for optimum performance. The display for the rear sensors is designed to be mounted in the rear of the vehicle (on the rear roof area or package shelf, etc.- see manual for other suggested locations) where it can be easily seen in the rearview mirror as the vehicle is backing up. The front sensor display mounts on the dashboard where it can be seen while pulling forward into a parking space, etc.

Automatic audio mute function

The Automatic Audio Mute function allows the Steelmate parking assist system to automatically mute the radio volume so that the driver can hear the alerts while parking the vehicle.

  • Slim dual color LED display with built-in buzzer
  • Volume Adjustable: High -> Low -> Off

  • Intelligent detection, compatible with spare tire or tow-bar etc (front and rear)

    This unit is able to be taught to ignore fixed objects, such as, tow-bars, spare tires etc.

    Anti false alert technology

    This system uses a proprietary digital sensing technology that uses real-time feedback and sophisticated DSP to provide the fastest and most accurate object detection possible.

    Can be used as 6 sensor system (2 front/4 rear)

    For basic installations, this system can be customized for use as a simple 6 sensor system. When installed with only 2 sensors in front, the center sensors are used for front object detection.

    Self-test function

    The unit utilizes an on-board processor to perform a self-test, between the displays and the ECU modules.

    All weather design (-40C~ +85C)

    This unit is designed to work in even the most extreme weather conditions. Sensors come primed and ready for color match painting.

    4 Front / 4 Rear Parking Sensor Kit with Front & Rear Display
    SM-PTS-800MMRetail: $259.00Sale Price: $197.95 (You save: 24%)

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