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Abzorb Oil & All Fluids Mat

Catch That Drip!

Your garage floor or driveway does not have to look like a service station bay! If you are tired of cleaning up the engine oil leaks on your garage floor, the Abzorb Oil Mat is for you. You simply place the mat on the floor under your car's engine. Like a sponge, the Abzorb Oil Mat will absorb more than one gallon (3x5 size) of oil and other fluids over time. With this new product there is no longer the need for cardboard, messy oil drip pans, costly degreasers or spending the weekend cleaning up your garage floor or driveway. The mat's non-penetrable backing prevents permanent concrete stains caused by oil and other fluid leaks.

Aesthetically pleasing, the charcoal gray colored mat collects oil for proper disposal. Protects our waterways from oil run off. The mat is made of technologically advanced material, similar to what is used to clean-up oil spills on the ocean. This highly durable material will not tear or disintegrate even after becoming saturated. The product is guaranteed for three years against tearing, cracking, and oil penetrating the backing of the mat. Abzorb Oil & All Fluids Mat

  • Absorbs all fluids
  • Holds gallons of oil overtime
  • Dark gray color hides dirt and oil
  • Saves time - no maintenance once installed
  • Saves money - no costly degreasers to buy
  • Prevents permanent damage caused by oil stains
  • Non-skid backing
  • Non-penetrable backing
  • Resists curling and buckling
  • For Indoor Use
  • No cleaning required

  • Shipping for 6' Widths (up to 18' Long) is a flat rate of $25.60 up to 30 pounds, it is shipped as oversize because of the length. Mats longer than 18' are oversize 2 and shipping costs will vary depending on state.

    Abzorb Oil & All Fluids Mat
    PCIRetail: $69.95Sale Price: $47.95 (You save: 31%)

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