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Cool Cube Cabinet Enclosure Cooling Vent

There are times when a situation calls for the ability to move hot air through a tube to "somewhere else", but there's just not enough room for the tubing or centrifugal blower.

Cool-cube was developed for the home theater design and installation community. Combining a compact power module with either 4" or 3" flexible tubing, Cool-cube will pull heated air out of a closed mid-size cabinet, small closet, or enclosed video projector, holding a typical home theater system and quietly move it to a nearby closet, utility room, crawl space, etc. The power module measures 6" x 6" x 10" and is powerful enough to move a useful amount of air through tubing thin enough to snake through all but the most crowded cabinets. (See chart below.)

The Cool-cube features a new control system, activated by a remote temperature-sensing probe,with field-adjustable temperature set-points and speeds. The noise level generated even at high speed is low (when used with the insulated 4" tubing) in keeping with our policy of not "trading a heat problem for a noise problem".

Cool-cube's power module is typically placed at the exhaust end of the tubing. A compact hot air collector, or flange, is provided at the suction end of the tubing, and is easily connected to a flat surface, such as the back of a cabinet.

Order the Cool-cube with 4" tubing if clearance allows, or with 3" tubing for those really tight situations. As little as 12 CFM of air movement means that the air in a typical 4' x 3' x 2' cabinet will be changed every two minutes. (This assumes free air flow; real-world installations will take somewhat longer for an air exchange).




Airflow (free air, lo/hi speed)

12/18 CFM (6 of 2 tubing)


25/40 CFM (6 of 3 tubing)


35/70 CFM (8 of 4 tubing)

Noise level

Varies -- 18-30 dBA with speed, tube size & length

Power consumption

14/22 watts (lo/hi)


Thermal control; lo @ 90F (adj.), hi @ 100F


6.5w x 8h x 10l (motor unit)

Dimensions, metric

165 x 203 x 254 mm

Weight, boxed (lbs/kgm)


ATM part number

00-120-01 w/6 of 3 tubing

00-120-04 w/8 of 4 tubing

Cool Cube Cabinet Enclosure Cooling Vent

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