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Curb Alert Front Parking Sensor

With a Curb-Alert™ parking sensor, you'll no longer have to worry about damaging your vehicle's front bumper when pulling up to or leaving a curb, or approaching the end of a steep driveway. Using Infrared LED technology, the Curb-Alert™ curb sensor will reliably detect when you are getting too close to a curb and warn you with a short series of audible beeps, preventing expensive damage to your vehicle.

Curb-Alert™ is a patent-pending curb detection device that uses the latest in Infrared LED technology to determine the distance of your vehicle from a curb or other low obstacle. It sends out infrared waves that are analyzed by the system to determine how far your vehicle is from the curb. If it determines that your vehicle is dangerously close to the curb, it alerts you with an audible in-cabin tone to prevent damage to your front bumper, spoiler or valence panel. Housed within a weatherproof case to handle any weather conditions thrown at it. Curb-Alert™ is an invaluable and easily installed addition to any vehicle with a low front end, from a sports coupe to a hybrid.

This kit is easy and flexible to install. We like to mount ours under the fascia, where it can't be seen. It installs easily in 30-45 minutes with all necessary hardware included, using only common household tools.

  • Adjustable Warning Distance from 8-28" Curb Distances
  • Sophisticated Weather-Proof Single Infra-Red Sensor Design
  • Easy Self-Calibration to Curb Warning Distance of Your Choice
  • Easy to Re-Set the Calibration Distance without Reinstallation
  • Draws 35 Milliamps when Activated
  • Auto Shut-Off 3 Minutes after Engine is Turned Off
  • Built-In Sensor Failure Indicator
  • Sophisticated Software Programming
  • Eliminates "False Alarms" from Sunlight and Random Disturbances

  • How to Install

    Curb Alert Front Parking Sensor
    5000CA-curb-alert-front-parking-sensorRetail: $229.95Sale Price: $149.95 (You save: 35%)

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