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EZ Lug Lugnut Wrench with 32 to 1 Torque

EZ Lug Lugnut Wrench with 32 to 1 Torque Removing lug nuts is probably the most difficult task when changing a tire. The patented EZ-Lug with its double socket design, eliminates the hassles of tightening or loosening lug nuts- even those that have been tightened by a mechanic or at the factory . Simply remove the hubcap, place the socket over the bolt, and the adjustable socket over the opposing bolt for leverage, adn crank. The EZ-Lug and lug nut revolution ratio is 32 to 1, respectively. The inner gears do the work and allow for easy removal of just about any size nut.

The cast-aluminum EZ-Lug includes the EZ-Lug unit, a hand crank, and size 17, 19, and 21 sockets.

The amazing amount of torque this lug wrench can generate makes easy work of even difficult lug nut removal and speeds up tire changes. Unlike an impact wrench the EZ-Lug provides constant pressure without slamming against the wheel; this makes it the perfect tool for auto restoration wheel removal. Because of the simplicity of the design and its sturdy construction, this is a very reliable tool for use in any weather.

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EZ Lug Lugnut Wrench with 32 to 1 Torque
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