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Grill for Narrow 2"x15.5" Openings - ABS

This grill matches the Cabinet Toe Grill and is perfect for mounting into cabinet toe kicks or doors and cabinets where a narrow grill is desired.


  • Easily and Economically Add Passive Cooling to a Cabinet
  • For Use in Toe Kicks or Anywhere where a Narrow Grill is Needed 
  • Includes Painted Screws
Dimensions - Grill Face:       2 5/8" x 17.5"
Dimensions - Depth:           ~1/2"
Mounting Hole:                   2" x 15.5"
Mounting Type:                  Insert Mount (Grill body extends into the cabinet)
Material:                            ABS Plastic - Smooth
Colors:                              Black & White (Wood Versions Also Available - see other product listings)

    1. Determine the location for the grill ensuring that there will not be any obstructions inside the cabinet.
    2. Cut a 2" x 15.5" opening in the cabinet - using a jig saw for 'accessible' cuts or a saws-all may work best for tight working conditions.  This opening size allows for a little 'play'.
    3. Using the grill as a template, place it in the cut out and mark the 4 screw holes and pre-drill those with a small drill bit (smaller than the screws).
    4. Screw grill to the cabinet.

Grill for Narrow 2"x15.5" Openings - ABS
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