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Hella D2S 35W Xenon Gas HID Replacement Bulb

OEM direct Replacement D2S HID Bulb.

  • Light color very similar to daylight reduces strain on the eye.
  • Steady brightness levels even if power supply varies.
  • Impact and vibration resistant light arc ensures a bulb service life five times longer than standard bulbs.

    Tips for dealing with HID electronic ballasts

    A faulty ballast leads to complete headlight failure. Possible causes for failure of the ballast are:

  • Lack of voltage supply
  • Lack of ground connection
  • Faulty electronics in the device
  • Internal short-circuits

    Fault diagnosis

    Check whether the ballast is attempting to ignite the bulb after the light has been switched on. Ignition attempts can be heard clearly near the headlight. If ignition attempts are unsuccessful, the Xenon bulb should be checked by swapping it with one from the other headlight and trying again.

  • If no ignition attempt is carried out, the fuse should be checked.
  • If the fuse is OK, check the voltage and ground supply directly at the ballast. Voltage must be at least 9 volts.
  • If the voltage and ground supplies and the xenon light are all OK, a faulty ballast is causing the problem.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

    Hella D2S 35W Xenon Gas HID Replacement Bulb
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