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Intake or Exhaust Electronics Enclosure Ventilator

This ventilator is designed to provide quiet cooling in tight places. The cutout opening needs to accommodate 29" x 2.5" and allow for 4" deep. Each fan moves approximately 20 CFM in free air providing excellent ventilation in cabinets with heat-producing electronics. The fans are powerful, yet run quietly thanks to the advanced temperature control loop.

a separate thermal control unit that limits the voltage to the fans based on the temperature sensed by the two remote thermal probes. The circuit increases the voltage drive to the motors as the temperature increases. This prevents overheating in the enclosure. The temperature control unit is designed to support up to four sets of fans, which can be connected directly to the terminal board. The transformer-based power adapter is rated with an output of 9VDC at 0.5 amps and connects to the thermal control module though a power jack. This makes it easy to disconnect the power adapter from the rest of the unit during installation.

Intake or Exhaust Electronics Enclosure Ventilator

The Cool-Line II has two squirrel cage fans, each measuring 11.5" long and 1.25" in diameter. The fans are designed to move a lot of air. Since the Cool-Line II uses a thermal control unit with temperature sensor, there is no need to switch power to the cooling system. It can stay plugged in continuously and only runs when needed.

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Intake or Exhaust Electronics Enclosure Ventilator

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