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Motion Sensing Light Bulb Socket

Motion Sensing Light Bulb Socket This Motion-Sensing Light Socket quickly and easily transforms an ordinary light socket into a motion-sensing socket. This clever device will automatically turn on a light when it senses movement, and it will turn off the light after movement is no longer detected. This means you can finally stop worrying about fumbling for a light switch when your hands are full or finding a hard-to-reach pull-string in the dark.

Convenient, Automatic Lighting

Ideal for laundry rooms, basements, walk-in closets, garages, or anywhere a light switch isn't in a convenient spot, the First Alert Motion-Sensing Light Socket is a hands-free lighting device that turns on when you enter a room and automatically turns off four minutes after movement stops.

Senses Movement in All Directions

Able to operate in broad daylight or pitch-black darkness, this light socket features a 360-degree motion sensor that will detect a person approaching within twelve feet when installed at an eight-foot height. To achieve maximum motion sensitivity, use the handy arrows marked on the unit to determine the strongest response, adjusting the 180-degree points to face a door or other high-traffic area as needed.

Simple Installation for Immediate Use

With the First Alert Motion-Sensing Light Socket, you can get the convenience of automatic lighting without the expensive installation. Just screw the motion-sensing socket directly into an existing light socket, and then fasten the light bulb into the new fixture. The socket works with 25-100 watt bulbs (the product is not suitable for use with enclosed, shaded, or halogen bulbs).

Motion Sensing Light Bulb Socket
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