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24 Volt OnBoard Battery Restorer Conditioner With Battery and Charging System Indicator

OnBoard Desulfators With Battery and Charging System Indicator 24-Volt

Don't just charge your batteries, Condition them, with or without electric power!

OnBoard Desulfators are designed to desulfate* deep-cycle and starter lead-acid storage batteries, without plugging into a 120 Vac power source. Solar powered electrical systems, using deep-cycle batteries for storage, will significantly benefit when their batteries are free of sulfate. Vehicles, particularly multi-battery trucks, RVs and golf cars will also greatly benefit from sulfate-free batteries. The units utilize patented technology to produce a wide range of high frequency pulses known as RFP (Random Frequency Pulsation) designed to dissolve both old long-established, and newly formed sulfate*.

RFP circuitry allows the OnBoard desulfator to sweep the entire frequency range known to cause sulfation crystal molecules to resonate, un-bond, and then safely dissolves them. The sulphuric acid, the main component in the sulfate crystals, is now free and returns to the battery's electrolyte. As a result, the Specific Gravity (S.G.) of the electrolyte is now higher and able to generate more electrical energy-storage capacity, than the previously sulfated batteries. Considerably less charging-source energy (solar panels, generators, alternators, et al) and much faster recharge, to full capacity, can now be expected. This is significant in off the grid solar installations when solar exposure times are short and / or power demands are high.

Golf car and RV owners who do not use their units, for months at a time, will benefit significantly from OnBoard desulfation. When used simultaneously, with the original factory supplied golf-car charger or built-in RV converter-charger, our OnBoard units continuously cleans the battery's charge plates. With sulfate-free plates the reduced performance and life shortening affect of long-term storage will be minimized. Although our OnBoard units do not charge or maintain batteries, by enabling the batteries to accept full charges, each time they are recharged, the damaging affect of long-term non-use are significantly reduced. The use of a safe, maintenance charger is always recommended when extended storage is anticipated. (See our BatteryMINDer models 12248 (12-Volt), 24041 (24-Volt), 3603 (36-Volt), 4802 (48-Volt) for safe long-term maintenance) Note: The great majority of golf car factory supplied chargers turn off when batteries are supposedly fully charged. If they are sulfated, they cannot be recharged to 100%, until or unless they are de-sulfated. RV converters with a charger stage are notorious for overcharging batteries, when left on for long non-use periods. They too cannot charge sulfated batteries to 100% of their capacity.

Additional advantages of using sulfation-free batteries include eliminating or greatly reducing the need for equalizing deep-cycle flooded (filler-caps) batteries, reduced recharge time, while demanding less output energy from solar arrays. In fuel powered vehicles extended alternator and belt life can be expected, as the vehicle's charging system no longer needs to work as hard trying to charge batteries that will not accept high alternator output current due to sulfation build-up. Better fuel economy can also be expected, as much lower amperage is now demanded from the alternator to keep clean, sulfate-free batteries fully charged. Lower alternator output current demands, translates to lower engine loads.

* Sulfate is considered to be the single most important cause of early battery life and performance. Battery Council International, January '98, 12 months; Nov. '95 & Oct. '96


  • For all 24-V battery systems
  • Effective on all brands / types of batteries, including Maintenance-free, Sealed AGM, Deep-Cycle and Free-electrolyte flooded (filler cap)
  • Installation is a simple two wire hook-up
  • A single unit can serve up to a six battery system in most applications.
  • Does not use any power while when there is no input power such as at night or when there is low solar energy available or when vehicle is turned off.
  • Auxiliary charger connector allows easy connection to installed batteries when connecting a stand-by or maintenance type charger, if needed.
  • Equipped with replaceable flat type automotive fuse

  • 24 Volt OnBoard Battery Restorer Conditioner With Battery and Charging System Indicator
    BM-OBD-24V-onboard-battery-conditionerRetail: $99.95Sale Price: $79.95 (You save: 20%)

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