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Portable Bidet in a Bottle (300 ml)

The Portable Bidet is designed with one goal in mind - offering an easy-to-use and travel-friendly bidet for everyone. The Portable Bidet promotes the personal cleaning using the nature's cleaning agent - water. To start cleaning, hold the bidet bottle with one hand. Use your index finger to hold the valve on the bottom of the bidet bottle. Flip the bidet up side down and point the cleaning nozzle to the private area. Let go the index finger and water will start to flow. The The Portable Bidet gives you a comfortable alternative to toilet paper, which can be harsh to use on your tender bottom. You may save a few sheets of toilet paper too. Because now you are only padding yourself dry. To store the bidet top in the bottle, just squeeze the soft bottle opening to make an oval. Tilt and insert the neck into the bottle.

  • Take care of yourself and your family. This is the most gentle and pleasant form of personal cleaning other cultures have practiced for centuries. No more harsh toilet paper (they can't be softer than water). Better hygiene.
  • Ideal complement to feminine hygiene and freshness, especially during menstruation and pregnancy. Female customers report using cool (or warm) water to clean sensitive area is far more superior than using toiler paper.
  • The original bidet in a bottle. With The Portable Bidet's patented design, a strong water flow can be effortlessly produced, even for those with limited strength. The neck helps you easily target your water flow - absolutely no guesswork.
  • Affordable, small and light - just toss it in your bag when you travel. The Portable Bidet also comes with an attractive pouch. You can discreetly walk down the hallway with it. It doesn't need batteries to operate.

  • Portable Bidet in a Bottle (300 ml)
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