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Single Rack-Mount Exhaust Fan Cools A/V Equipment

2007 Product of the Year, Cool-stack III is a 1-unit high hot air exhaust system for mid-size racks with mid-size heat loads! With four 120mm fans and an 18" depth, the Cool-stack III has the power and the reach to pull up to 70 CFM of hot air out of tightly packed racks while generating very low noise levels. Heated air is normally exhausted through the perforated front panel, but exhaust fittings and tubing provided can move the hot air safely away to the rear if the rack is located in a closet or cabinet.

Cool-stack III is temperature-controlled, switching from a constant, very low idle speed, suitable for removing stand-by heat generated by components such as cable boxes and satellite receivers, to full speed as rack temperature changes. Temperature is sensed by a very small, remotely-located thermal switch which uses a strong magnet to secure itself to the component being monitored. A contact closure can also trigger the change to full speed, if desired. Internal movable jumpers can be set to satisfy the requirements of a particular installation, whether residential or commercial. In an alternate mode of operation, the constant-idle is defeated, and control is accomplished by a 12 volt trigger signal.

The Cool Stack I Exhaust mounts in your equipment rack, either at the very top or above the hottest component. Install the included 90-degree thermal switch so that it can sense the hottest air in the rack. The unit can be controlled by either the thermal switch or by a 12V DC trigger signal (trigger sold separately), both of which connect via the 1/8" (3.5mm) jack on the rear panel of the fan.

  • Exhaust fan pulls hot air away from expensive A/V components and out of the rack
  • Four 120mm fans are triggered by an external heat sensor (included)
  • Fits in one standard rack space
  • 19" W x 18" D x 1 3/4" H
  • Noise Levels : 26 dB

  • What's Included
  • Fan unit
  • (2) 4' long lengths of 2" tubing
  • 2 adapters
  • Exhaust panel for front of fan unit
  • 2 blanking panels
  • Thermal switch
  • Mounting bracket for support
  • Power supply
  • Instructions

  • Single Rack-Mount Exhaust Fan Cools A/V Equipment

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