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Return Vent System - Rough-In Box

Intended for New Construction or Renovation Work
This Unit is for Roughing-In the Return Vent System
This rough-in box is intended to be installed during construction or as a part of renovation work. This is similar to the HVAC register boxes that are installed inside the walls or ceilings and connected by tubing run inside the walls to vent to another area in the home. These products will efficiently and optimally move the hot air surrounding electronics to another area in the home, or preferably to the HVAC return system. Venting to the return system other larger areas in the home allows the air to appropriate mix with the air in the home and then be recycled by the HVAC system.
This duct boxes is intended to be installed in ceilings and used in conjunction with the Return Vent System.  If used in an attic, it should be covered or coated with insulation.
The box has been designed with new construction in mind but also with thermal and accoustical principles in mind. The box is accoustically treated to reduce noise within the boxes because otherwise, the noise from the fans would resonate through the vents. With these unit, you can design your cooling systems during construction and once the system is roughed in, installing the fan units will only take minutes at trimout.
This Box is to be Used with 4" Tubing/Ducting


  • Engineered To Efficiently Move Hot Air from Rooms & Closets to the HVAC Return System
  • Compatible with Return Vent System or use Standard 10"x10" HVAC Grill Systems
  • To Be Installed In Ceilings and Easily Connects to Standard HVAC Return Systems (Best to use HVAC Contractor)
  • Boxes are Coated with an Acoustical Treatment to Reduce Noise from Fan Units
Installation Instructions for Rough-In Box
Return Vent Duct Box

This box is intended to be used in ceilings and utilize the Return Vent Grill and Fan Assembly. Generally this box will be installed during the construction and would be connected to the HVAC return vent system by the HVAC contractor on the job.

Determining Placement. This box will simply be placed anywhere in the ceiling of the room or closet that you will be venting.

Installation. Once the placement has been determine, simply screw the unit to the wall or ceiling framing utilizing the drywall flanges on the grills. A cross support should be added to support the unit. This way, the box will be fastened to where two of the flanges are screwed to the framing. If additional support is desired, simply frame around the vent as desired.

Once the box is set, ensure the opening is square. It is very common for these boxes to be out of square during their production and handling. Once this is done, have the HVAC contractor connect a 4” flex duct to the rough-in box. It will be your responsibility to ensure that this is completed because it will ultimately constitute a change order. If by chance this will not be connected to the HVAC system, use the 4x8 rough-in box as an exhaust vent.

Roughing in For Power. When installing the tubing, you can run a power wire through the tubing and into the intake box –just ensure where it enters the tubing is sealed with HVAC tape. This will make for a very clean and easy trim out. Just run the other end of the power wire to the point where you will plug in the power supply. Also note that you can run a standard 2-conductor wire for the power wire and splice on a connector for the fan unit. An alternative to running the wire through the tubing would be to drill a hole in the side of the rough in box but just ensure that the hole is sealed once the wire is run.

Notes. Ensure to follow all code requirements and consult with HVAC or general contractors on your project to ensure that your work will pass inspections. This installation will be new to inspectors and may be scrutinized. All boxes should be completely code compliant but codes do vary greatly from region to region.

Use safety devices and precautions as necessary or as required.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Return Vent System - Rough-In Box
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