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Rev-X Performance Oil Additive

Today's passenger cars engines (whether diesel or gas powered) have been getting smaller and putting out more horsepower and torque then ever thought possible. Couple this aspect with today's passenger car motor oils that are lacking the proper protection additive packages resulting in sludge, gumming and varnishing critical components. REV-X performance Oil Additive enhances any lubricating fluid to performance levels that modern mineral, semi synthetic and full synthetic lubricants cannot even come close to.

REV-X Performance Oil Additive gets rite down to business by:

  • Reducing friction in all treated components.
  • Reduced under hood temperatures.
  • Increased economy.
  • Increased acceleration.
  • Increased Turbo Performance.
  • Reduced Maintenance costs.
  • Reduced wear.
  • A smoother running engine.
  • Smoother shifting transmission.
  • 4 Oz. bottle. (two bottles recommended for Diesel Engines).

    How does it Work?

    When first added to any lubricating fluid (engine oil, transmission or power steering fluid) REV-X Performance Oil Additive will blend with the lubricating fluid to generate a smoother running unit within minutes. As the treated component (engine, transmission, differential or hydraulic system) runs through heat cycles the additive is absorbed into the pores of the work hardened metal surface that it lubricates.

    This creates a polarized attraction of additive that flows within the treated components lubricating fluid until the lubricated surface has a film layer 4 times thicker and more than 2500 times denser than any lubricant can provide (standard or synthetic) without increasing the viscosity of the lubricating fluid being used. As the treated lubricating fluid continues to flow across the work hardened surface the additive continuously replenishes itself while maintaining both depth and density of the film layer regardless of temperature or load factors. When a reduction in friction and temperature occur within the treated component, an increase in efficiency is gained. This increase in efficiency promotes extended service life of all internally lubricated components as well as extending drain intervals on all treated units lubricating fluids.

    Only REV-X Performance Oil Additive blended with your lubricating fluids can show you the increase in efficiency and reduction in component wear that will allow continued trouble free operation to increase the dollar figure of your bottom line.

    Whether you are looking for additional protection, efficiency or an increase in performance to make your car or truck run better than it did when it was new, then REV-X Performance Oil Additive IS the only real world solution.

    Rev-X Performance Oil Additive
    rev-x-performance-oil-additiveRetail: $39.95Sale Price: $34.95, 2/$65.95, 3/$89.95, 4/$115.95 (You save: 13%)

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