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Snow Claws Tire Traction System

GoClaws, an easier way to get through just about anything. Heading up into the mountains or out into the woods? Concerned that your street tires might not be up to the task when the going gets slippery? Donít worry, GoClaws is the answer! GoClaws are a high-tech alternative to chains and cables. They work great, theyíre easy to install, and they wonít damage your expensive tires, your vehicle, or the road.

SnoClaws is the New, Easy to Use, High Performance, Low Cost Alternative to Snow Chains.

Itís a better way to quickly & easily solve a wide variety of traction problems for personal & fleet vehicles.

Snow Claws Tire Traction SystemSnow Claws Tire Traction System

SnoClaws is the New, Easy to Use, High Performance,
Low Cost Alternative to Snow Chains.

SnoClaws Are:

  • Easy to install without jacking up vehicle.
  • Durable and provides a smoother ride than typical tire chains.
  • Available in three sizes, which meets the requirements for over 98% of all highway vehicles.
  • Positive-locking, self-tensioning and self-cleaning.
  • Road and vehicle friendly.
  • Attractively priced.

SnoClaws Are an Ideal Solution for a Wide Variety of Traction Needs.

  • Easily strap-on the extra traction you need for mud, sand & snow.
  • Low cost with quick and easy installation makes SnoClaws ideal for delivery services and fleet use.
  • Logging, Mining & Forestry services can use SnoClaws to cover difficult terrain.
  • SnoClaws can assist Police, Emergency Services & Beach Patrols keep moving in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Utility Companies can use SnoClaws to help reach tough areas for repairs or installations.
Whatever your situation, if you need extra traction,
SnoClaws can keep you on the move.

Easy Installation in 2 - 4 Minutes Per Tire.
SnoClaws are designed to make installation as quick and easy as possible, requiring only the included tension adjustment tool. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the process, you should be able to install SnoClaws in 2 to 4 minutes per tire.

Snow Claws Tire Traction System

Order Your SnoClaws
Before Winter Arrives!

  • Price is for a pair (2 tires)

    Snow Claws Tire Traction System
    Snow-Tire-ClawsRetail: $269.95Sale Price: $169.95 (You save: 37%)

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