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SnoBootz Tire Chain Alternative

Tire Chains Alternative

Tire Chain for Front Wheel Drive CarSnobootz’ patent-pending design offers traction comparable to tire chains, but are much easier to install. Snobootz can also be fitted to many vehicles that can’t use chains because of tight clearances. Check out the many benefits of Snobootz:

  • Quick and easy installation – takes about one minute per tire
  • Fits vehicles with tight clearances that can’t use snow chains
  • Embedded steel claws give outstanding traction on ice
  • Won’t damage your expensive tires and wheels – no steel contacts your tire or wheel
  • At one-third the weight, they’re much easier to handle than chains
  • Durable rubber composite design has been proven for over 180 miles on dry pavement

Snobootz blows away other technologies for snow and ice traction with its combination of user-friendliness and function. Convince yourself of the benefits of Snobootz by checking out the other areas of our website, then click on the “Buy Snobootz” button to see if we have a size available for your vehicle.

Snobootz have been thoroughly tested and developed for over two years in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and high in the Andes in Chile. Independent testing shows that Snobootz perform comparably to chains on ice and are much better on snow and ice than even studless winter tires.

With Snobootz, you can go into the mountains for a ski trip, confident in the knowledge that if the road gets slippery or icy, you’ll be able to get to your destination. Put a set of Snobootz in your trunk today!

Quick and Easy Installation

The unique, patent-pending design of Snobootz allows you to install them on your tires in just a couple of minutes. Just drape them over the top of your tires, roll the vehicle forward until the split is at the top, then attach the hook & loop fastener. Reduced installation time means less exposure to roadside hazards for even greater safety.

pdfInstallation Instructions (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Drape Snoboot over tire Step 1
Roll forward just a little bit Step 2
Fasten hook and loop fastener Step 3

Fits Vehicles with Tight Clearances

Many vehicles can’t use regular snow chains because of tight clearances between the tire and strut. Snobootz are constructed of a heavy-duty coated cloth that wraps continuously around the tire, so it’s thin, light, and strong. It can be installed on most vehicles, even those with tight clearances like most front wheel-drive cars.


Embedded Steel Claws Give Outstanding Traction on Ice

Icy roads present the greatest hazard to driving safety. Not even studless snow tires with four-wheel drive can grip on pure ice. But Snobootz can! Each traction pad on the Snobootz has two steel claws that bite into the ice, providing unsurpassed grip. The spacing of the traction pads on the tire ensures that there’s always metal in contact with the ground for maximum safety.

Acceleration on ice
Braking on ice

For proof of the Snobootz’ grip, the image below shows how they enable a car to climb a 10% grade of pure ice!

rubber tire chains

Won’t Damage your Tires or Wheels

Snobootz are constructed of tough, plastic-coated industrial fabric. Metal doesn’t contact your tire sidewalls or wheels, completely eliminating the chance of damaging your expensive wheels and tires.

Unlike chains, Snobootz only use metal where absolutely necessary—where the "rubber meets the road." If a cross-chain fails on snow chains, the chain will whip your chassis or fender brutally, causing expensive damage. In the very remote chance that the Snobootz fail, it will fall harmlessly to the ground, not causing any damage to your vehicle.

One-Third the Weight of Snow Chains

Due to their unique cloth construction, Snobootz are about one-third the weight of regular snow chains. As a result, they’re easier to handle and install. Unlike chains, they won’t tangle up into an icy, rusted ball of metal! Just roll them up and put them back into their durable storage bag for later cleaning and use.

Snow Bootz Tyre Chain Alternative

Durable Even on Dry Pavement

Unlike competitive products where only cloth touches the road, Snobootz uses molded rubber pads to contact the pavement. The rubber is molded of the same type of compound used for tire treads, so it’s very durable. They’ve been independently tested to endure over 180 miles on dry pavement... farther than metal chains can handle.

SnoBootz Tire Chain Alternative
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