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Universal Electronics & 19" 1 Rack Unit Thermal Cooler

This is a very aggressive and universal cooling unit. This unit can be used as a spot cooler or for various rack applications. This product also allows for more advanced and unique applications as it features six top-quality 50mm Levitation blowers that are mounted using special mounting hardware which eliminates noise caused by normal fan vibrations. The unit operates on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage, the unit can be run silent or more aggressively depending on the application. This unit is ideal for a variety of applications including rack mounting, mounting inside cabinets, or behind recessed TVs. Unit includes Power Supply.


  • Professionally Engineered To Quietly & Aggressively Cool a Variety of Applications
  • Universal Applications: Rack Mount, Install in Cabinets, or Behind Recessed TVs (Rack Use Requires Rack Faceplate which is Purchased Separately)
  • Very Compact: Less the 2 in Height and Only 1 Rack Unit
  • Specialty Fans: Six Specially Manufactured 50mm Levitation Fans (Brushless & Vapo Bearings) for Longer Life
  • Fans Mounted Using Specialty Mounting System to Absorb Fan Vibration for Quieter Operation
  • Fans Easily Reversible for Directing Air Up or Down Depending on the Application
  • Uses Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed
  • Various Mounting and Airflow Direction Options


  • Use a Spot Cooler above or below components. This unit allows you to better utilize the 1RU above an amplifier or receiver and retain the manufacturer's clearance requirements (of course depends on the manufacturer). This unit will blow 'fresh' cool air onto the component or exhaust the hot air from the component depending on the orientation of the unit when installed.
  • Use to Inject Air into or Exhaust Air Out of the Rack. The unit can be placed anywhere in the rack to draw air in or pull air out.
  • Rack Faceplate Must Be Purchased Separately and Are Available in Black or Silver

     Entertainment Centers & In Recessed TV Applications
  • Mount inside the entertainment center in the top back to pull air from behind the components, over top of the amplifier or receiver on the top shelf, and out the front of the entertainment or if a door is installed, it aggressively circulates the air in the cabinet to reduce heat pockets.
  • Add a faceplate and use in the toe kick to directly vent the cabinet from the toe kick or cut the unit into the side or back of the cabinet (Faceplate is not included).
  • Mount it behind a recessed TV to aggressively increase the airflow convection process. The angle of the unit perfectly assists the process and the unit is easily mounted to the wall or cabinet.

    General Specifications

  • Dimensions: W - 17" x H 1.7" x D 3.4"
  • Construction: Heavy Gauge Steel (Painted Black)
  • Cooling System: 6 Brushless 50mm Levitation Fans w/Specialty Bearing System for Long Life and Low Noise
  • Air Flow: ~35W-CFM to 66M-CFM
  • Noise: Noise Level is Dependent on

    System Settings and Options

  • Power Connection: 2 Pin Power System (Ensure proper polarity)
  • Voltage: 4-12 VDC
  • Current - Amp: .24 Amps (240 milliamps)
  • Consumption Watts: 3 Watts @ Max Voltage

  • Single Rack Unit shown Below
    Universal Electronics & Rack Thermal Cooler

    For Very aggressive cooling for rack applications select the 2 Rack Unit Below which has bigger fans
    Universal Electronics & Rack Thermal Cooler

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

    Universal Electronics & 19" 1 Rack Unit Thermal Cooler
    Universal-Rack-CoolerRetail: $245.95Sale Price: $159.95 (You save: 35%)

    Rack:  Qty:  

    Rack Faceplate - Standard 2RU - BlackRack Faceplate - Standard 2RU - Black
    This is a standard 2 Rack Unit (2RU) vented faceplate which can be used simply as a blank plate in a rack or in conjunction with the 2RU Universal Cooler

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

    Rack Faceplate - Standard 2RU - Black
    RF2-STD-BLKRetail: $55.00Sale Price: $39.95 (You save: 27%)

    Rack Faceplate - Vented Standard 1RU - BlackRack Faceplate - Vented Standard 1RU - Black
    This is a standard vented 1 Rack Unit (RU) faceplate which can be used as a blank plate in a rack or in conjunction with cooling products such as the Universal Cooler. The faceplate comes in a standard black matte finish.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

    Rack Faceplate - Vented Standard 1RU - Black
    RF1-STD-BLKRetail: $55.00Sale Price: $37.50 (You save: 32%)

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