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Universal Laptop Power Supply w/USB 4.2-24 VDC 70 Watts

Don't spend up to $100 replacing the power supply on your laptop, notebook, or netbook! This economical universal power supply includes eight tips for adapting to many popular laptops, notebooks, and netbooks. A USB port is included on the power supply for charging smart phones and other devices.

  • Charge or power small notebook or netbooks
  • Change voltage output by changing adapter tip
  • LED voltage display
  • USB power port charges and powers mobile devices
  • Built-in hook-and-loop cable organizer
  • Universal Laptop Power Supply w/USB 4.2~24 VDC 70 Watts

    This universal notebook power supply is designed to replace the power supply used by small notebook and netbook computers. Eight adapter tips are included and automatically set the power supply output to the specific voltage for your computer; simply plug the tip into the output cord socket and plug into your PC. A built-in USB power port to power or charge your mobile devices with the 5 VDC, 1000 mA output. 4.2 to 24 DC voltage range. 4A max current output. 11 ft. total combined cable length.

    Note: Only tips N01 through N08 are included. Please refer to the table below for matching a tip to your computer.

    Tip # Output Voltage (DC) Voltage Range (DC) Connector Size (inner x outer diameter) Works with
    N01 10V 9.5 to 10.5V 1.7 mm x 4.8 mm ASUS: 9.5V, 2.315A
    Sony: 10.5V, 1.9A
    N02 12V 11.4 to 12.6V 1.7 mm x 4.8 mm ASUS: 12V, 3A
    HP: 12V, 2.5A
    N03 20V 19.0 to 21.0V 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm Delta: 20V, 1.2A
    IBM: 20V, 2A
    Lenovo: 20V, 2A
    LS: 20V, 3.25A
    MSI: 20V, 2A
    N04 19V 18.0 to 20V 1.7 mm x 4.8 mm ASUS: 19V, 2.64A
    Compaq: 18.5V, 1.1A 18.5V, 2.7A 18.5V, 3.5A
    NEC: 19V, 2.64A
    N05 19V 18.0 to 20V 1.7 mm x 4.0 mm HP: 19V, 1.58A
    N06 16V 15.0 to 16.8V 4.4 mm x 6.0 mm Fujitsu: 16V, 2.5A 16V, 2.8A 16V, 3.36A 16V, 3.75A
    Panasonic: 16V, 2.5A 15.1V, 2.6A 15.1V, 2.64A
    Sony: 16V, 2.5A 16V, 2.1A 16V, 3.75A 16V, 4A
    N07 19V 18.0 to 20V 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm ACER: 19V, 3.42A
    Ben-Q: 19V, 2.1A
    Compaq 18V, 1.9A 18.5V, 1.1A
    Dell: 18V, 1.9A 19V,1.58A 19V, 3.16A
    Delta: 19V, 2.64A 19V, 3.42A
    Epson: 19V, 1.23A
    Gateway: 19V, 3.16A 19V, 3.68A
    HP: 18V, 2.3A 19V, 2.4A 19V, 3.16A
    IBM: 18V, 1.9A 19V, 2.4A 19V, 3.16A
    Lite-On: 19V, 3.16A 19V, 3.42A
    NEC: 19V, 3.16A
    Toshiba: 189V, 1.1A 18V, 1.7A 19V, 1.58A 19V, 3.42A
    N08 12V 11.4 to 12.6V 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm Acer and Ben-Q LCDs: 12v, 2A 12V,2.5A 12V, 3A 12V, 3.5A 12V, 4A

    Universal Laptop Power Supply w/USB 4.2-24 VDC 70 Watts
    PE-120-500-universal-laptop-power-supply-w-usb-4-2-24-vdc-70-wattsRetail: $54.95Sale Price: $39.95 (You save: 27%)

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