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Waterproof & Portable Foam Density Active Alternating Air Pressure Bottom Massage Cushion

The lowest priced "Full Alternating Pressure" System ever!

Designed especially for people who have seating pain and/or skin breakdown due to diminished mobility. Ideal for people who have compromised movement due neuromuscular diseases or the debilitation of age but are not so immobilized as to need one of our custom built systems. The "Answer System" provides the same some patented action as "G" series our custom built series seating systems, without the very specialized fitting and custom sizing, so this system can be offered at about half the price of a "G" system.

The system is equipped with very quiet dual air pumps, (32 DB@ 3 ft) with Computer Controlled Pressure Management, (CCPM), Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and matching microprocessor controlled charger. The molded plastic pump module case is enclosed in sturdy canvas pouch with a transparent end so you see the L.E.D. lights that tell of system status and warn of any malfunction. This system will run 50 or more hours on one charge. Battery life is expected to be 5 years of continuous service.

The cushion is built of a machine sculpted polyurethane base foam and our patented multiple bladder system create the all important movement that prevents skin breakdown and greatly improves comfort. The cushion is encased in a waterproof cover that will not wrinkle under the seated user.

This system will run for over 50 hours "normal" time and still have more than 8 hours of "Reserve Time" to keep it going after the green "Recharge Now" L.E.D. light has come "On" to warn you that the unit is ready for recharging.


16" X 16" or 18" X 18"**

And density of foam base to user weight:

H - 34 suitable for up to 130 pounds

H - 44 suitable for up to 130 to 180 pounds

H - 54 suitable for up to 180 to 250 pounds

Example order:

ANS 1818H54: Meaning an ANSWER cushion.

18" X 18" inches for a person over 180 pounds.

**Other custom sizes available at added cost. please contact us for more details.

C.C.P.M. US Patent #6,014,784

This cushion has a 1 year unconditional warranty. A yearly warranty is available so you can get many years of use and service from the Answer system at a very low entry price and low yearly warranty extension cost.

Waterproof & Portable Foam Density Active Alternating Air Pressure Bottom Massage Cushion
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