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Watt's Up Inline DC Meter & Power Analyzer

Measures energy (Wh), charge (Ah), power (W), current (A) and voltage (V) for any rechargeable battery pack from 4 - 60V, including NiCd, NiMH , and SLA, and Li-Ion battery packs

Why You Need One
Without a wattmeter, a hobbyist is left to guess or estimate what's going on. This trial and error approach can rob performance and damage components, or worse. Pros know that you can't get top performance from RC cars & planes without the accurate information a wattmeter provides. The "Watt's Up" is easy to use. It's like jumper cables. Connect between a power source and a load and you can measure all the important electrical parameters. It doesn't interfere with the components you connect it to.

Key Watt's Up Features
Small size and lightweight so you can take it with you. First to capture peak Amps, peak Watts and minimum Volts 0V measurement for single battery cells. Best combination of watt meter/features on the market; measures wide range of values for any model and with high resolution. Powered by your model or an auxiliary battery, full manual tells you everything you need to know. Made in USA to ISO 9001 quality standards and has a one year warranty.

Watt's Up Inline DC Meter & Power Analyzer
WU100-watt-s-up-inline-dc-meterRetail: $89.95Sale Price: $69.99 (You save: 22%)

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