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Wireless Display Obstacle Detection Sensor System

Commercial vehicle owners now have an effective solution to help prevent backing accidents, property damage and insurance liability expense. Based on a leading-edge wireless technology, the Mobile Awareness system is easy and inexpensive to install and maintain. The waterproof sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mount with just 10 screws and two wires connected to the backing lights. The dash mounted Warning Display Unit only requires a 12v and ground connection to complete the installation.

Wireless Technology Makes Installation Easy, Reliable and Inexpensive


Wireless Parking Sensor on Truck

                                          EXCLUSIVE CAPABILITIES

1) Stop-line Adjustment - Set the desired stop line for each vehicle without concern for sensor mounting location

2) Truck & Trailer Exchange - Easily swap trucks and trailers equipped with the wireless ECU & Warning Display Unit

Zone Discrimination - LED display indicates actual distance to closest of four (4) distinct field zones (accurate to 1/2")

4) Intelligent Display Unit - Simultaneously monitors four (4) zones in real-time, indicating actual wireless signal strength

Backed by a 2 Year Warranty!

Simultaneously Monitors Four (4) Zones in Real-time

Parking Sensor Warning Display Unit

Truck Sensor Assembly

                            ADVANCED FEATURES

1) Optimized design for use in long vehicles such as Buses, Trucks, Utility Vehicles & RV`s

2) Activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged

3) Unique ECU learning function, enables the Warning Display Unit to work with different trailers

4) Waterproof Sensors work in all weather conditions

5) Easy installation based on long distance and reliable wireless transmission technology

6) Highly sensitive, stable and accurate FSK modulation - working frequency: 868MHz

7) Advance jitter-free LED display indicates the distance with 0.4" accuracy

8) Display indicates the direction or location of an obstacle on each of four (4) individual zones

9) Warning Display Unit has a built in (800Hz) alarm: volume is adjustable at 3 levels

10) The middle sensors start audible warning from 67", the corner sensors start audible alarm from 39"

Each comes complete with the following:

1) LED Display Warning Unit with embedded Wireless Receiver (1 each)
    SenseStat™ Obstacle Detection Sensor System Display

Display Size:
90 (W) X 75 (L) X 40 (H) (mm)
3.5 (W) X 3.0 (L) X 1.6 (H) (inch)

Accessory for Installation:
Adhesive tape
Cable clip (2 each)

 2) Waterproof ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with Wireless Transmitter (1 each)

Control Unit (ECU)

ECU Size:
110 (L) X 92 (W) X 32 (H) (mm)
4.3 (L) X 3.6 (W) X 1.3 (H) (inch)

Antenna Size:
208 (H) (mm) / 8.19 (inch)

Accessory for Installation:
Hexagonal bolt - M6x20 (2 each)

3) Rugged Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensors (4 each)

M17 Truck Sensor ImageM17 Truck Sensor Image
M17 Truck Sensor ImageM17 Truck Sensor Image

Accessory for Installation:
Hexagonal bolt - M5x20 (8 each)
Hexagonal nut & washer M5 (8 each)

4) User`s Manual and Mounting Hardware

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Wireless Display Obstacle Detection Sensor System
MA-ODSS-4M17WARetail: $349.95Sale Price: $279.95 (You save: 20%)

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