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Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar

Prime Drive Technology - The Future of LED
The new Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar's powerful design and Prime Drive Technology make the Xmitter Low Profile Prime everything you need and more. And with a 50,000 hour lifespan, PWM Dimmability, and Electronic Thermal Management all with extremely low amp draw, the Xmitter Low Profile Prime from Vision X is the most advanced LED light bars on the market.

Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar

Light and Sleek - Fits Anywhere
Low clearance is a signiture of the Xmitter Low Profile Prime. And being manufactured using 6061 extruded aluminum, you can have low profile without compromising durability. The front has the ultimate protection of an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, while the bottom has the Vision X designed stud mount with vibration dampening rubber. And with an IP rating of 68, the Xmitter Low Profile Prime is totally protected from dust and is protected against long periods of water submersion under pressure. Xmitter Low Profile Prime is perfect when you need low mounting clearance but won't settle for anything but the best..

Prime Drive - The Smart LED
With Vision X Prime Drive, you are getting the most light possible. Period. The most Lumens per LED while prolonging the life of the LEDs and maintaining the lowest amp draw possible.

Electronic Thermal Management
ETM monitors the heat output of the LEDs in order to maintain safe operating temperatures and prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential.
Pulse Width Modulator
With the Pulse Width Modulator technology, the light is dimmable with the use of a separate controller to allow for optimum flexibility.
The Xmitter Prime is driven at 90%, meaning less energy wasted and more light output. This allows for the most lumens while maintaining the optimal operating conditions for the LEDs.
With 90% optically pure Vision X optics, you can be sure that you are getting the most distance and most accuracy out of each LED.

The Vision X Xmitter Low Profile Prime Series is the lighting solution for the brightest, longest lasting, and most durable light on the market. The Xmitter Low Profile Prime is available in a single stack bar, with the option of 20° narrow or 40° wide optic patterns, having a solution to any lighting need.

10° Beam 40° Beam
Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar

Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar

  • Available in 5" (684 Lm),9" (1,368 Lm),12" (2,052 Lm), 20" (3,420 Lm),24" (4,104 Lm), 35" ( 6,156 Lm ), 42" (8,208 Lm) and 46" ( lengths.

  • Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED Light Bar
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