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20 Amp 0-30 Volt DC Switching Lab Power Supply

This is an easy-to-configure, highly stable, lab grade DC power supply with maximum output power of 600 Watts. Power supply offers two Degree of control over both current and voltage outputs (coarse and fine).

  • Output is adjustable from 0 to 30 Volts DC and 0 to 20 Amps with (0.1 Volts/Amps resolution).
  • Dual green LED displays offer easy-to-read, high contrast readouts of voltage and current values.
  • Four operating modes: normal mode, with values controlled by front-panel knobs; preset mode, which offers three popular voltage presets at 20 Amps: 5.0 Volts, 13.8 Volts, and 25 Volts; set mode, with three user-customizable presets; and remote control mode, where the user can remotely adjust output power on/off, voltage and current.
  • Automatic constant current and voltage
  • High RFI immunity, excellent EMI
  • Thermostat-controlled variable speed fan, as well as over-voltage, over-temperature, and short circuit protection.
  • Compact, low profile design and small footprint (7-9/10" x 3-1/2" x 8" 5.7 lbs) without compromising output noise and transient response factors.

  • 20 Amp 0-30 Volt DC Switching Lab Power Supply
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