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Wired Display - 4 In-Bumper or Stick-On Colored Reverse Sensor Kit

A new breakthrough design! Unit senses any objects behind and to the side of the rear bumper (metal or plastic) within 59" through 4 small Black 22mm Anti-Collision Ultrasonic sensors that are mounted into the bumpers by drilling 22mm holes (drill bit included) giving you a wider, more accurate field of detection. Audible & Visual Warning. Now shipping with a new 20mm sensor which is the smallest in the industry.

  • Chosse between Flat flush mounting In-Bumper or Stick-on sensors. Wired Display - 4 In Bumper Flush Mount Red, Blue, White or Black Stick-on Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Speaker built into the display with volume control.
  • Kit features 4 sensors for full back coverage.
  • Unique rain-proof design works even when it is raining.
  • Power is supplied by splicing into backup lights and ground.


  • Auto detection of obstacles Behind & Left or Right by the backward radar while backing the car. Display is in inches.
  • Four 22mm recessed sensors with 10 foot leads (25 foot leads available) or 4 Stick-on sensors with 10 foot leads for obstacle detection
  • Digital Detection range: 4" - 59" behind the car.
  • Audible warning sound of "BiBi", faster as you get closer to obstacle.
  • Sound can be adjusted to higher, lower or off.
  • The distance and direction of obstacles behind and to the left or right side are displayed clearly with digit and cursor in number of feet.
  • All components plug into each other.
  • Built to last - withstands bad weather and road shock.
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12v
  • Max. Power Consumption: 4W

    Package Include:
  • Car parking control unit (mount in trunk/rear of vehicle).
  • 3 digit LED Display (3" wide x 1" high x 1/2" deep) with 16' cable (usually mounted in left corner or center of dash) with built in speaker with volume control.
  • 4 obstacle sensors (choose below) with 8' leads (25' leads available).
  • Installation Manual (click to download).
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Drill Bit for drilling holes into bumper to mount the 4 sensors (If drilling through Metal, you will need a bi-metal 22mm bit).
  • 4 Clear Sensor spacers for aiming In-bumper sensors up for non vertical bumpers or bumpers with height below 20".
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Click Here to view a 24 minute Sample Installation Video (requires IExplorer)

    Backup In-Bumper Sensor Colors
    In Bumper Available Sensor Colors (all colored sensors are the same design as the Black Sensor)

    Stick-On Backup Parking Sensor


    Wired Display - 4 In-Bumper or Stick-On Colored Reverse Sensor Kit
    SD4Retail: $199.95Sale Price: $61.95 (You save: 69%)

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