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Rack Mounted 9 Fan Electronics Cooling System

This is the newest version of the popular Component Cooling System. This version is primarily intended for commercial applications as it includes 9 large fans and moves an enormous amount of air!

This unit features nine top-quality 92mm levitation fans that are mounted using special mounting hardware which eliminates noise caused by normal fan vibrations. The unit operates on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage, it can be run quietly or more aggressively depending on the application. It is the same width as standard components and is ideal for directly cooling amplifiers and receivers installed in cabinetry or rack systems. Due to the heavy duty construction, heavy amplifiers and receivers can be placed directly on top of this unit or you can stack it between components. It circulates air away from components thus protecting equipment from heat accumulations and failures. This unit also allows for, and provides more advanced and unique features than other products on the market.

This unit is also unique in how it is powered. There are two power plugs which one plug powers 5 fans and the other powers 4 fans. The advantage to this is that two power supplies can be used to protect against a complete failure if one power supply fails. This also increases options for controlling the fans as well. One set of fans can be set to run full time while the other fans only turn on when the temperature reaches a certain point using a Basic, Advanced LT, or Advanced Controller. Another configuration is one set turns on using an 80 degree setpoint controller and the other set of fans turns on through an 88 degree controller. By default the unit ships with one power supply and a y-cable to power all fans together but the above options can easily be used and configured with the 'related products'.

Includes a Power Supply & Rack Brackets


  • Engineered To Quietly & Aggressively Cool Full Sized Components - Large Amps, Receivers, etc
  • Universal Applications: Rack Mountable or Stack Between Components (includes feet and rack-mount ears)
  • Compact: Less the 2" in Height and Only 1 Rack Unit (1RU)
  • Utilizes Specially Manufactured 92mm Levitation (Brushless & Vapo Bearings) Fans for Longer Life (Estimated 50,000 hours)
  • Fans Mounted Using Specialty Mounting System to Absorb Fan Vibration for Quieter Operation
  • Fans Easily Reversible for Directing Air Upward or Downward Depending on the Application
  • Uses Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed; Compatible with Temperature Controllers (TC-BSC & TC-ALT)

    General Specifications

  • Dimensions: W - 17" x D 13 3/8" x H 1 5/8" (43cm x 34 x 4)
  • Construction: Heavy Gauge Steel (Painted Black)
  • Cooling System: Brushless 92mm Fans w/Specialty Bearing System (Est. 50,000hr)
  • Air Flow: ~240-520CFM

    Power Specifications

  • Noise: Dependent on Settings (Can be run quietly)
  • Power Connection: 2 x 2.1mm Coax Connector w/ 2-Pin FastWire System (Ensure proper polarity)
  • Voltage: 7-9V DC for Normal Operation or 9-12V for More Aggressive Cooling
  • Current: 1650mA at 12V DC

  • Rack Mounted 9 Fan Electronics Cooling System
    CP-CC-9FN-Rack-Mount-Electronics-Cooling-VentRetail: $499.95Sale Price: $429.95 (You save: 14%)

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