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Wireless LCD Display - 4 In Bumper Flush Mount or Stick-on Ultrasonic Reverse Parking Sensors


Ideal for Pickups, RV's, Trailers or if you don't want to run wires from the rear bumper to the dash.

A new breakthrough design! Unit senses any objects behind the bumper through 4 small (20mm) recessed Anti-Collision Radar sensors that are mounted into plastic or steel bumpers by drilling 20mm holes (drill bit included) that send distance telemetry to a wireless display unit. This kit is perfect for those that do not want or cannot run a wire from the back of the vehicle to the dash for the display. Wireless display will work up to 65' feet away from the control unit.

Rear Obstacle Sensor, the system detects the obstacle distance then provides sound warning and light display signal with direction to a wireless display
  • Black or Silver Flat flush mounting or Black Stick-on sensors.
  • Speaker built into the LCD Display.
  • Kit features 4 20mm sensors for full back coverage give you a wider, more accurate field of detection.
  • Unique rain-proof design works even when it is raining.
  • Power is supplied by splicing into backup lights.
  • Wireless display unit can be mounted anywhere visibly convenient by velcro or double stick tape (requires 12V source). Colorful LCD display indicates distance in number, 3 color and 7 lights, as well as obstacles on the left or right side on the screen.


  • When backing the car, the rear sensors automatically detect obstacles behind the vehicle and transmits signal to wireless display which indicates distance in feet and inch numbers
  • There are no connecting wires between the mainframe and display unit in order to install easily
  • The distance and direction of obstacles on the left or right side is displayed clearly in inches with a distance number and left or right obstacles are displayed in 3 colors and 7 lights on the LCD screen
  • Sound can be adjusted to much higher, lower or off
  • Audible warning sound of "BiBi", faster as you get closer to obstacle.
  • Four recessed in bumper or Stick-on Sensors
  • Maximum distance from Mainframe to Wireless Receiver: 20m (65' feet)
  • Detection with Digital Display range: 3.0m-0.5m ( 10' - 19" )
  • Sound Alarm Range: 1.5m-0.1m ( 5' - 4" )
  • Sound Alarm Volume: >73db
  • All components plug into each other.
  • Built to last - withstands bad weather and road shock.


  • 4 Black 20mm In bumper or Stick-on Parking Sensors (11' sensor cable length)
  • Wireless Display (3" W x 2" H) Unit with 8' Flat black cable for 12v Power Source (usually mounted in left corner of dash).
  • Mainframe with 58" power & reverse leads (usually mounted in trunk or back of vehicle).
  • Owners Manual (click to download)
  • 4 Clear Sensor spacers for aiming In-bumper sensors up for non vertical bumpers or bumpers with height below 20".
  • Drill Bit (If drilling through Metal, you will need a bi-metal 20mm bit)
  • 6 Months Warranty.
  • Click Here to view a 24 minute Sample Installation Video (requires IExplorer)

    Backup In-Bumper Sensor Colors
    In Bumper Available Sensor Colors (all colored sensors are the same design as the Black Sensor)

    Stick-On Backup Parking Sensor

    Stick-On Backup Parking Sensor


    Wireless LCD Display - 4 In Bumper Flush Mount or Stick-on Ultrasonic Reverse Parking Sensors
    WXL4Retail: $169.95Sale Price: $99.95, 2/$180.00, 10/$765.00 (You save: 41%)

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